Thursday, February 11, 2010


I think we've had just about enough snow this year! The kids went back to school today after 2 days off. I saw this one coming a mile away so I was well prepared. We made our Valentines, baked, and watched new movies. Two days was about all the fun I had in me, so it was a good thing they went back today, I was running out of gas!

The first go-round of snow was great building snow, they made a fort with Daddy!

For rounds 2 and 3 of the snowstorm, my "I'm sorry, I don't have snow clothes" excuses fell on deaf ears and somehow, I wound up outside in a foot of snow. Neily reminded me that I had my 'cool boots' from Aunt Icky... darn her, she was right.

I'll tell you what, those suckers are worth every penny! Not just for looks, apparently, I played outside in 15 inches of snow for over an hour and my feet were warm and dry.

We had a little over a foot overall, but huge snowdrifts up against the house that came up to their waists!

I shoveled the walkway and that was enough for me!

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Emily said...

You have such great pictures! The kids look adorable, and I also like the picture of your boots.