Monday, December 28, 2009

More Disney World!

Can I just start off by saying I hate Blogger, Picasa, Flickr, and computers in general today? Why does everything have to be so hard? Am I the only one who hates blogging because of the sheer agony involved in uploading pictures?

Moving on... Walt Disney World Day 3! We started at Epcot, one of our favorite parks. We found that this time around, the Magic Kingdom was actually where we spend the least amount of time. It will always be our 'favorite' because it just has to be- it's magical!- but we didn't spend as much time there as usual.
First thing in the morning, we saw Daisy Duck, which was a treat! We've never gotten to see her on previous visits.

We made our way around World Showcase to ride the Three Caballeros in Mexico and enjoy some fish-n-chips in England. I'll have to ask Phil, our resident Brit, the proper way to write fish and chips. First stop, Mexico! The kids love these little Kidcot stops with crafts, but we were mean parents and didn't stop for many of them. We are go, go, go vacationers. I start to get antsy when I stand around.

Don't I look fabulous? Thought so. Since my early years were spent in the southwest, I know just how to wear a sombrero. Not many can pull it off, I know.

It's BRUCE! Jack's face! Haha!

This is one of our favorite spots. In Epcot, the kids love the Figment ride. The ride itself is not that exciting (I suppose to a kid it is) but what comes after the ride (in true Disney form, you never, EVER just walk on or off of a ride!) is a blast. Here they are 'conducting' their own music. You stand in the yellow 'goalposts' and conduct, and Figment will fly around the screen according to your music and play. It is strangely addicting!
Headed over to MGM (I know, I know, it's Hollywood Studios, it just doesn't sound right to me!) and grabbed some lunch at Pizza Planet.

The kids got picked from the audience to be a part of the High School Musical show. It was fun- they weren't up there for long, but got to do a little dance and had fun.

Chip and Dale! I had no idea our kids loved Chip and Dale so much. They both freaked out when they saw them and ran for autographs. Every time we spotted them in a parade, walking around, etc, they were giddy!
Then we had a fun treat! My friend Tracy lives in Orlando and we met up with her several times. Her youngest, Sadie, is the cutest! We always have fun with them and seeing them is one of my favorite parts of the trip. Never enough time with Tracy!

And an even bigger treat, our friend Darby grew up in Orlando and had to come in unexpectedly. The reason for her trip was not a happy one, but it was a treat to get to see her at all. This is the three of us at the Magic Kingdom!

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Darby said...

"We are go, go, go vacationers. I start to get antsy when I stand around."
Seriously Liz are we twins???

It was so awesome to see you and your adorable family even if our visit was short! Give those cutie pie kiddos hugs from me!