Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Checking in on my resolutions

This morning as I was mulling over the things I wanted to accomplish in 2010, I suddenly remembered my list from 2009. I knew I'd posted it here, and I also knew that there were plenty on the list that I'd blatently ignored.
So here it goes:

1. Continue to 'finish' projects around the house.
We're going to have to call this a miserable failure. I did little things like some light furniture rehab and little touches, but none of the big projects I had hoped for were even touched.

2. Look my best ever on my 30th birthday- I have seven months!
Um... Not really. I think about the same.

3. Stay HOME and enjoy it! I would say after this last two weeks, I'm well on my way. Yoga pants are my friends.
Eh... I'll give myself a silver medal on this one. I think I did better than usual, and I am in yoga pants right now. That counts for something.

4. Spend more thoughtfully- go for quality and things I really love and want, not mindless spending. This is hands down going to be my toughest goal, a direct combination with #3!
I truly think I did pretty well on this one. I bought far less clothing this year for myself and for the kids than usual. If I didn't love it, I passed.

5. Grow my business and learn new skills.
I give myself a 200% on this goal! I was floored at the business explosion that I had this year, so much that I have to scale it back next year for the sake of our family.

6. Spend quality time with Neily and Jack every day.
I would like to say that I accomplished this, but I don't think any mother feels like they spend enough time with their children. To top it off, I am coming off of my busy season where I feel like I didn't do anything but work from September to December. Prior to that, I think we did a lot of new things each day.

7. Keep our master bathroom vanity clean. Every single day. Oy.
Yyyyyyyyeah. No.

8. Organize my time more efficiently.
I'm not exactly sure what I meant by this but I am pretty sure I didn't do it!

9. Continue to grow friendships that are important to me.
Oh, I'd forgotten about this one! Absolutely, YES. We had an amazing year with our friends. It will be hard to top.

10. Be really, really happy with the way things ARE.
Let's say I'm getting there. I'm working on it.

SO- for 2010, let's try to keep the master vanity clean, look my best ever at 31 (fair enough), spent quality time as a family, and finish projects in the house. I have a very long list for Eddie- big, big changes like painting the house, finishing the basement, and *possibly* adding a bathroom. We'll have to mull that one over.

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Darby said...

oh the bathroom sink thing is one of mine this year for sure! Let's work on it together! :)

That and the staying home more=spending less.