Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas Mickey Mouse!

We are back in the real world! Disney World was amazing! We had an absolutely amazing time, as we always do, and really enjoyed getting to see the holiday lights and decor. It was a treat! The crowds were busier than we expected, since this was projected to be a 'low attendance' week, but it was okay- we have our magical ways of getting around lines, so we had fun. :)
Here are the highlights from days one and and two!
First up- Eddie realized we would be driving right by the world famous The Varsity in Atlanta, one of the hot dog stands on his bucket list. We decided to plan our trip around stopping and it was a lot of fun! Atlanta is famous for chili dogs, but they are definitely different from Cincinnnati's chili dogs. Very good! We also got ourselves apple pie pockets- think the fruit pies from Hostess only a million, billion times better with a homemade flaky crust! YUM!

Welcome to Main Street, USA!

We'll call this the BEFORE.... in line for Space Mountain:

And the after- Neily gave it a "thumb sideways". By the end of the week she was ready to ride again, but at first she was pretty certain that she would never get on it again!

And Jack. And this was after he'd calmed down a little bit! Yes, I am the meanest mom ever for making him ride it and for taking this picture. Neily and I could hear him crying as our car pulled in at the end of the ride, so I knew before I saw him that it hadn't gone well! In my defense, they just reopened this ride after a major revamping and it was MUCH DARKER than it used to be!!!

Jack and Daddy in Tomorrowland

One of my all time favorite rides, The Carousel of Progress! Yes, I'm serious. It is REALLY one of my favorites.

Me and Jack on the Jungle Cruise- another one of my favorites that no one else in the family likes (it's a classic, people!!!!)

We let them drive the boats around in the lagoon- we must have been in good moods because this cost $2 for about five minutes! Are you kidding me?


Getting ready for Pirates of the Caribbean!

A really, really awful picture of our great seats for Fantasmic. Well, great seats until the fountain overspray misted us the entire time, anyway!

THE coolest lights in Hollywood Studios! Absolutely amazing. :) We totally lucked out, the streets were pretty quiet on our first night and apparently, this attraction usually has people shoulder to shoulder. Every ten minutes or so, a song begins and the whole set (it's about two city blocks that look this full of lights) start to dance and

Trying to catch the snow falling!

All those little white spots? That's snow! Okay, not real snow, but Disney magical snow! ;)

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