Friday, October 16, 2009

We are alive! ;)

Yes, I'm still here. We are all safe and sound. The past two months have been seriously busy and we have barely had a second to breathe. We are doing a lot, but honestly, I am not taking a lot of pictures for two reasons- 1) I am tired of taking pictures this time of year and 2) I am trying to BE there at family events and enjoy them instead of feeling like I'm always waiting for a shot. I stopped taking the camera out of the car at soccer games for this very reason. Life lately has consisted of me booked back to back to back with sessions, soccer games, soccer practice, another soccer game, and ripping the upstairs floor apart. We don't have time to be blinking, let alone blogging. Just to prove we are here, happy, and that we ARE doing fun things when we have the chance, here are some pictures of our trip to Disney on Ice. My mom and I took the kids a few weeks ago and they loved it. I was worried they might be too old for it, but honestly, they were at a great age! They appreciated it much more this year than when they went as toddlers. We saw countless 2ish year olds being carried out asleep by their parents and I thought how much that ticket price would sting if your kid slept through it! LOL!

The view from our seats before the show- we had GREAT seats and a great view!

The kids with Nana before the show. Always good to bring a Nana, because she buys all the stuff Mommies won't, like snow cones in overpriced cups, cotton candy, and Micky binoculars.

The Small World tribute, it made me so excited!
Grand finale with all of the characters

Everyone's favorites! Mickey and Minnie :)

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Lindsay said...

Beautiful picture of Nana, Neily and Jack!