Monday, October 19, 2009

The soccer season is coming to an end...

And it can't come soon enough! Whew. I think we are soccer'd out this season. In the spring, we'll try a new sport. Jack has really enjoyed it but Neily is ready to move on to something bigger and better.
Here are some action shots- I wish they were larger so you could see that Jack has his tongue stuck out in EVERY shot. LOL!

Go Jack!

I'm open! I'm open!

Getting a mid-game pep talk.
Neily on a corner kick

Jack trying to stay warm at Neily's early game, I think the high was 40 that day and we had a 10am game. Brrrrr!

This past Saturday, the other team that Jack was supposed to be playing was a no-show. The kids were so disappointed, all ready to go in their gear, so the dads and siblings decided to organize a game against the kids. They loved it! Neily was nice enough to 'take it easy' on them.

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Lindsay said...

How fun! Who won? haha :)