Friday, October 23, 2009

Shaw Farms

Every year, we try to get out to our favorite pumpkin patch, Shaw Farms. I am convinced that Shaw Farms is the best in the city! They have so much for kids to do, activities and fun things to play, horse and tractor rides, a corn maze, the list is endless. After looking at our calendar, we realized that we had exactly one afternoon that we could make it out to the pumpkin patch before Halloween, so we jumped on it. It was crowwwwwwwded, but always fun.

Being the good parent that I am, I snapped this picture of the sign as I let Jack *RUN* *UNsupervised* through the maze.
Yummy homemade apple butter in the store

Jack spied his name on this wagon full of baby pumpkins (did you know that those little pumpkins were actually called Jack Be Littles? I had no idea and for our lover of all things Halloween, he was thrilled!).
Jack put Neily in jail and she was not happy, LOL!

Neily took Daddy for a ride in the tractor

Mmm, caramel apples!

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