Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nana and Papa, LOOK! Only a month and a half after the poor boy's birthday, we finally got around to putting together his Lego bulldozer. Jack really enjoys Legos, it is one of the few toys he will sit and play with for hours on end. We first visited a Lego store in Downtown Disney, and one just opened at Kenwood. He loves it and I have to avoid that section of the mall unless I want to go broke.
Eddie and I assumed there would be a lot of adult help needed to put this thing together, but Jack decided he was going to do it on his own. I could hardly believe it, but that is exactly what he did. He understood how to read the manual and went step by step, getting all the pieces he needed and putting it together. I wish I'd thought to video him, because this was very intricate and I feel terrible saying that I had no idea he was that good with Legos!
In the end I am glad that he was able to enjoy putting it together, because the stupid thing won't STAY together. It was definitely more about 'enjoying the process' and I think he has since turned it into a jetski for the Lego policeman. :)

Carefully reading the directions

Grandma will appreciate the tongue in all the pictures... I think it's the one trait he got from Daddy!

Nowhere near the finished product, I am ashamed to say that I didn't even snap one of him with the final version!

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The Skwiat Family said...

OMG! He is just like Nick! I know we have a picture somewhere of Nick with almost the same haircut putting his much loved Legos together!!! Ed won't have to worry about the OSU Dad sweatshirt b/c that kid is going to RHIT to major in engineering ;)