Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jack's Last First Day of Preschool

Yup, his very last 'first day of preschool'! Next year, it will be off to kindergarten. Rumors are swirling the district about all day kindergarten, so that will be interesting. This year, he is in preschool with Mrs. Carson for one more year and loving it so far. He left Mrs. Carson's afternoon class last year halfway through when a morning spot became available in Neily's school, so he was really excited to have her again this year. There were a few familiar faces, including Mr. Owen. One week of preschool down, and he runs out each day with a smile on his face! Poor Jack is getting a little bored in the afternoons without Neily around- he makes it until about 2:30 and then starts asking for her. Shannon and I are trying to keep the boys busy, and it amazes me how they never seem to get sick of each other and play so well.
Oh, and bonus points to anyone who can tell me what is so funny about Jack's first day of school outfit. ;)

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