Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our backyardigans

It is so nice to finally have a backyard that we can enjoy. We are by no means finished back there, but it's not the Jungle Cruise it once was. On Sunday night, we ate outside on our patio for the first time as a family. We've lived here for ten years!
The midwest is practically on fire this week after two weeks of rain and cool temperatures, so we're trying to stay cool but I'm getting bored with the pool. We have rotated from Kings Island's water park to Lifetime's pool (our gym) to our neighborhood pool and we needed a change. We bought the kids squirt guns and filled up a big tub with water and that seemed to make them happy enough! Who knew a barrel of water could be so much fun?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun and fabulous time! :)

Dawn said...

ah, a backyard to enjoy! looks like there is a bit of fun for everyone!

Get Real Girl said...

Some days backyard fun can't be beat!