Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can we do a project? YES!

It's no secret that I love reading other blogs. It's a hobby, I guess. Can that be a hobby? I usually stick to the decorating blogs, but sometimes I find cute ideas of things to do with the kids- baking, projects, etc.
I saw this one and filed it away, and they asked me today if they could do a project and I thought of this one immediately. They were in HEAVEN! I think it was mostly because of the usually forbidden aspect! This is from a Montessori blog which has a ton of great ideas.
We used straight pins, and they stuck them into pillows (actually our couch cushions) to make designs, letters, whatever they wanted. Then they could use string to trace around the designs if they wanted to.

It was really neat to watch them do this project because it was very interesting to watch their brains work. Jack made patterns and then ended up doing a little town, where he rescued the people with a lasso (not how I intended the string to be used, but oh well), and Neily wrote out her name and then spread all of the pins out evenly and used the string to make abstract shapes.

And then all at once, they decided enough with that and they wanted to use the string for their very favorite pastime, playing puppies and 'walking' each other. I'd say they do this about 75% of their time together. LOL!

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The Skwiat Family said...

Elle did this at her Montessori School last year! I love Montessori!!! They have the most creative projects for kids :) She learned more there than I ever could have imagined and shocked us everyday with what she brought home etc. Love it.....what Blog was this from?