Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift for the house!

Please tell me what you think... I love, love, love the black shutters and door against the red brick. I loathe the blue siding, and the black seems to bring out the gray and makes it less baby blue. Next up will be painting the siding, but for now, this will have to do. What I'm not sold on are the black garage doors. The garage sticks out so much because the tree hides a lot of the front, so it seemed like painting the garage would be perfect and really change the look- but I'm afraid it looks strange? It constantly looks like our garage doors are open to me. I am really not happy about the idea of possibly painting over the black, so maybe I just need to try and get used to it? Whaddya think?
Here is the before- it just looked so dated.

My helpers:

That's right, they're wearing bike helmets. Don't ask, it's a dangerous job.

The after:

The front door/windows:

I guess my initial reaction is, it couldn't be worse... right? I don't normally like colonial style, but the black and red reminds me of that, and I actually DO like it. I think... I need some reassurance. Maybe some cute hardware on the doors to break up all that black? Some carriage style brackets? And obviously street numbers. LOL!


The Skwiat Family said...

Love it!!!! I was totally thinking Carriage Syle brackets....we purchased some at Lowes (special order) and they were cheap (like $25)....are they on? No, and sadly we have had them since we moved here ;)I also like the hardware idea for the door. Maybe a Nickel thumb latch, kick plate and door knocker? Or what about a new door with more window to repeat the living room window? Sorry Ed! I know, more $$, but it is a small price to pay to totally change the curb appeal. Looks great, and more nantucket than colonial....thats how I think of your style anyways, Liz ;) You are more Martha than Williamsburg, LOL!

Elizabeth said...

New door is TOTALLY on the agenda. I want a 12 pane one with glass to let in more light. That would look so perfect!